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In September 2021, I will publish my first fiction book entitled False Promises, a story about a Swedish family who moves to France in order to work at an EU agency. Their lives intertwine with that of a young woman, with a far different outlook on life than theirs, fighting to achieve the life she always dreamt of. As the reader you follow their story, moving between cities such as Rome, Amsterdam and Lyon. Follow the characters’ aspirations and ambitions to achieve happiness and find out if their lives will be as they intended.

Cecilia Cardot Falska Löften

Are you curious about this book?
Feel free to read the text at the back cover.

Anna and Jonas move from their tiny village in Blekinge, to the big city of Lyon, in France, bringing their two children with them. Anna has high expectations regarding her new job as an intelligence analyst at a European Union body, and she dreams of making the world a better place by fighting the constantly increasing crime. Unfortunately, the move turns out to be more difficult than they thought. The encounter they dreamed of with their new country, a different culture and strange language is distressing.

In another part of Europe, life is changing for the young Livinia, who dreams about a better future than what her country can offer. The chance to live in a world where women and men have the same possibilities for education, jobs and freedom is irresistible. She jumps on the chance to escape when it comes. Never looking back, she packs her bag and heads to the meeting place. But what happens when the offer is too good to be true?

Cecilia Cardot’s debut novel is an exciting story about dangerous criminals, corrupt border guards, patriarchal European leaders, young naive girls and a family leaving the safety of Sweden. A Europe where criminals exploiting society and those making it a better place are not far apart. A place where entrepreneurs and visionaries work together. But which side of the field are people really playing for?

Book Trailer – False Promises


12 February 2022

An exciting day

 Welcome to a day for those who like to read and write.

Today Åsa Larsson will talk about her life as a writer, perhaps giving us some tips or pointers on how she creates her characters. We’ll see. In addition, I and three writer friends will tell you about our debut books. The program doesn’t stop there and has a lot of other interesting things planned, ready for you to discover. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Sign up via the link below. It will be fun to meet you all out there in the digital world.

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10 January 2022

E-book released

My book has finally been released in digital form. You can find it on the regular channels, such as: Nextory, Storytel, Apple Books, library, etc. Just try your favourite channel to see if it’s there! For me, it was exciting to experience False Promises in digital format. I, who have never before read digitally (except when I wrote the book), signed up to several apps, to try out their free periods. I have to say that I like it more than I thought, but have to get a better tablet – the phone is way too small!

25 August 2021

25 Time for proofreading


One month since the start-up of the website and the time has been spent writing the text at the back of the book, thinking about what the rest of the cover should contain, prepared for book launch and edited, edited and edited … Now the script has gone to be proof-read where the language will be examined meticulously. Imagine that there is only one month left before the book is released … oh!

25 July 2021

Start-up of website

As my website goes live today, here is a picture of me in the middle of my writing process. The picture is from January 2021, when I was still working on getting my raw script together. Lots of planning was put in getting the scenes in order, and as I sent my document to my lecturer on March 8, it felt like a huge milestone had been reached. I was going to publish a book, I had reached my goal! Being completely honest with you, when I look back at it all, it still feels a bit unreal that my book must be ready in September.

18 July 2021

Ready for the last editorial round

I am finally, done with the changes, improvements and rewriting of scenes needed to make the script flow and stick together. I sent the document to my editor today, who will primarily review the language and assess the text revisions. Otherwise it will have to be rewritten again.

A sentence, a piece, a scene, a dialog, it can always developed into something completely different. The original meaning can change in the battement of an eye. The process of writing is fascinating and you will never really know how the story ends. I like it.

Holiday season is almost here, but the book project continues, on top of the many other things I have to deal with: Writing the summary, preparing a press release, and above all, reach out to you.

16 July 2021

Test readers for my story

Finding test readers was not an easy task. Who would be willing to read an almost finished script, not fully edited, not proofread and not even language reviewed? Someone I trusted and who would dare to say what they really thought of the story? Very few people know I am writing a book, and in any case they will be surprised. However, I have found the absolute best for this task: three amazing people I have known for many years. They will send me their feedback by august, and even though it’s exciting, I’m nervous. This is the first real test – hearing what my future readers will think of my debut book.

15 July 2021

Editorial changes

I have worked with suggestions and changes needed to be made according to my editor. I am also working on the revisions from the first round of editorial changes, and on top of this, do not to forget the second round of editorial changes, which will be done August. I had no idea how much time it takes to write a book, nor did I know about the hard work that lies behind a finished book… but it is still so exciting to be a part of this journey.


Foto: Sandra Engstedt

I come from Blekinge and write under a pseudonym. Only you who know me from before know who I am. No one has had any idea that I am writing a book… until now. It has been a little secret, but through this, I hope to get to know many new people who love to read and write.

Three years ago, I signed up for a writing course at a regional educational association (Studiefrämjandet). This was my starting point, and for the first time, I began to seriously write texts that were not meant to be included in reports. The dream of publishing my own book had begun to grow in my mind a couple of years ago, and to be able to work together with other debutant writers, also part of Ann Ljungberg’s project group is enormously inspiring.

You can read more about me in my Autumn Books 2021 portrait.